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Satori Shakoor - Storyteller: Writer/Actor/Comedienne
Published Works...

Confessions of a Mad Black Gal or How I Took a Menopause. A hilarious, short story published in the anthology.   

Fifty and Fabulous, Darling... 
An inspirational, short story published in the non-fiction guidebook by Marva Goldsmith.  

Coming Soon...


    Ventura Joseph, attractive, quirky and smart is stuck in a dead-end temp job and fears that her dreams of becoming a successful, television comedy writer may be slipping away. If life begins at forty, Ventura is in her Terrible Two's.  Between the hot flashes, mood swings and uncontrollable emotional outbursts, something has to give.  So Ventura decides to quit smoking, believing it to be the only thing she can control in her suddenly topsy-turvy world.  It seems a small price to pay for being whole and free and besides how bad can a little nicotine withdrawal be? 
      It certainly doesn't take long for Ventura to find out just how bad it can be when her quest for freedom gets off to a chaotic start.  Her struggle only intensifies when she is presented with the shocking, unexpected demand for a divorce and confronted by the unpredictable symptoms of menopause as she runs hot, cold, angry and sad, weepy, sex-crazed, manic and mad.  Desperate to break out of the too tight box that has seemingly become her life, Ventura has a plan: to complete her TV script, get it produced on a cable network, find the strength to stay smoke-free and deepen her relationship with oxygen. 
     The TV script, "Tales From the Clock" is told in counterpoint to Ventura's search for a way out and features her outspoken alter ego, Preya Mantis, a thirty-five year old standup comic who rants about her biological clock that's out of control and driving her crazy.  Terrified of getting pregnant, Preya laments her battle to outwit her tricky clock and escape it's biological imperative; while she simultaneously tries to control an overwhelming sexual desire and manage the hormones that have her under seize.
     "Clock" is a rollicking romp through the heart, mind and soul of a woman on a mission to be happy, whole and free.  Hilarious, honest and chock full of insight, the book charts a journey of courage for Ventura Joseph-Scott as she discovers that the freedom she so desperately craves can only be had through faith and the discipline of her own heart and mind.

Works in Progress...

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers is a collection of off-the-beaten path short stories; written in the unique and comedic voice of former funk queen and stand up comedienne, Satori Shakoor a.k.a. Jeannette McGruder.  Thirteen women writers gather for the annual weekend retreat of the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers in Big Sur, California.  They come each year to read and share their most intimate and revealing tales.  Irreverent, edgy and with adult themes, this book promises to make you laugh and think, it will warm your heart and shock your senses.

The Illustrator

Overton Loyd is the illustrator for The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers.  Overton won Billboard Magazine’s Best Use of Computer Graphics Award for the groundbreaking music video Atomic Dog. 

He was the featured artist for the television game show Win, Lose or Draw.  The collaboration between George Clinton and Overton Loyd was instrumental in branding
"FUNK." The striking image of Sir Nose Devoid of Funk on Parliament's The Motor Booty Affair album cover has become classic.  Overton has numerous successful art projects to his credit.  Today his fine-art works reside in private collections worldwide.


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